How can I turn browsers into buyers? Use detailed listings to make the sale!

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Now that eBay’s new performance standards are taking effect, providing a positive experience for your buyers is more important than ever, but how can sellers achieve this? Well, the key to success is to describe your items accurately and correctly use all of the item specifics.

People buying online have to rely almost entirely on the description of your product and the photos you provide and this should run throughout each and every one of your listings. If they can’t get a clear and accurate idea of what it is that you’re selling, why would they make a decision to buy from you? They would simply move on to the next seller who can provide good quality photographs and a clear and accurate description.

So, here are some handy hints that you can apply to all of your listings:

Top Tip: For used items, always use the area for entering additional information. You can even add your own item specifics in appropriate cases, such as vintage fashions and antiques.

Has this whetted your appetite? If you would like to know more, there is an excellent video from eBay expert Sheraka K with QUICK TIPS FOR SELLERS. This is a step-by-step guide on creating your listings using item specifics. Now it’s your turn to get busy with your listings to create more sales!