John Lewis Penguin Craze

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The world has gone mad, well ok not totally but the star of the 2014 John Lewis Christmas advert is a Penguin called Mabel, John Lewis released a stuffed toy of Mabel and the country responded by clearing the shelves in under 24 hours.  A search on 

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How Much ?

The toy which sells from £12.oo for the 26cm version all the way up to £95.00 for the 75cm is currently selling on ebay for upto £459.00. Yes that’s nearly £500.00 for a stuffed toy, for £500.00 I personally would want a real life dancing (Happy feet dancing penguin). However joe public can’t seem to get enough of these over priced soft toys, and some astute ebay sellers are making a nice easy profit.Mabel the penguin causing sale frenzy on